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Added a 'Save and Close' button to wikiedit. Cleaned up the styling and wrapping of the status/links menu bars in fileedit and wikiedit. Minor style tweaks to get input field borders to appear in the default skin on Chromium. check-in: 3814c9ff58 user: stephan tags: trunk
Merged inadvertent fork. check-in: 1eb21747ac user: stephan tags: trunk
Tweaks to the change log. check-in: f4c731afb7 user: drh tags: trunk
Improved handling of long posts in the forum. check-in: c265daea91 user: drh tags: trunk
/fileedit now embeds the current open leaf list and the file list for the current checkin (defaulting to the most recent leaf) in the page content, saving 2 XHR requests at startup. If passed filename= without checkin= then it tries to load the given file from the most recent leaf. check-in: 5fc0f7c33a user: stephan tags: trunk
Amend OpenBSD httpd Fossil server instructions to use the mount_mfs -P option to automatically populate the chroot /dev tree as suggested by anon on the forum. check-in: 4b240ec31e user: jamsek tags: trunk
Corrected the new CSS selectors to account for plain-text posts, which use a PRE instead of DIV wrapper. Shrunk the gap between the expansion tap zone and the scrollbar to its left. Closed-Leaf check-in: eef9ac05e4 user: stephan tags: forum-expand-post-revisited
Re-added an important forumPostBody.overflow CSS attribute which was accidentally removed in the last edit. check-in: 939b64738d user: stephan tags: forum-expand-post-revisited
Improved(?) the way forum post expansion is handled, based on forum feedback. Added a narrow "tap zone" to the right of the post scrollbars to expand/collapse. When a post is collapsed the first time, it is shrunken much smaller than its original size. When collapsing a post, we now scroll its parent element (post header), rather than the next post, into view. check-in: ebbd20c638 user: stephan tags: forum-expand-post-revisited
Revise and simplify the list of 1st-tier commands that are shown by the "fossil help" command. check-in: 84f697e570 user: drh tags: trunk
Edit whitespace in previous commit to make format consistent with existing code blocks. check-in: d2ad5f2fe7 user: jamsek tags: trunk
Add missed instructions to edit rc.local with commands to automate device node creation at startup as identified by ams on the forum. check-in: a2585ea9ad user: jamsek tags: trunk
More refinements to built-in help pages for commands. check-in: a31a717e17 user: drh tags: trunk
Fix the /help webpage to accept prefixes on the cmd= query parameter. check-in: f2f419ea9b user: drh tags: trunk
Many updates to built-in help pages. No changes to code. check-in: c965636958 user: drh tags: trunk
Enhance built-in help text formatting so that text contained within [[...]] is a hyperlink to another help page. check-in: 71992d0f08 user: drh tags: trunk
wikiedit: deleted pages are now hidden by default, per forum feedback. A minor style tweek to shift edit-marked wiki entries to the right a bit (edit state indicator was truncated in some skins). check-in: 8936ae98b6 user: stephan tags: trunk
Fix typo in built-in documentation for "fossil open". check-in: 9ec3274f35 user: drh tags: trunk
Never allow the "fossil open" command to proceed on a non-empty working directory unless either the --force or --keep options are used. check-in: 99ab1118f5 user: drh tags: trunk
Disabled wikiedit save confirmation, by popular demand. (Discard/reload still requires confirmation due to the risk of data loss.) Added link to /wiki/PageName to the per-page links. check-in: 8635cb3d17 user: stephan tags: trunk
Do not allow "fossil open URL" without a --workdir option to work on a non-empty directory. check-in: f0805380f7 user: drh tags: trunk