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Merge trunk Leaf check-in: b14b0f2e56 user: milouse tags: repolist-theme
Use a CTE instead of querying the database in a loop when finding the start of a branch. This can bring significant speedup on some machines. Leaf check-in: c7749bb0a3 user: danield tags: start-of-branch-cte
Update the built-in SQLite to the latest trunk version that includes various performance enhancements. The purpose here is to test the recent SQLite enhancements in a real-world application. Leaf check-in: ad744440dc user: drh tags: trunk
Ensure that db_open()'s db-is-an-appendvfs-binary check uses canonicalized filenames to avoid the problem reported in [forum:16880a28aad1a868 | forum post 16880a28aad1a868]. check-in: ab7ad2348c user: stephan tags: trunk
Allow optional "-" characters in the huge string argument to bid= on /timeline so that when the hyperlink will have wrap opportunities when pasted into the chat. check-in: adfc1a6b60 user: drh tags: trunk
Fix an unused var warning in windows Closed-Leaf check-in: 169a3dabcf user: mgagnon tags: nameofexe-appendvfs-check
Calling db_open() to determine if a given repository is valid rather than a hand-rolled sqlite3_open() call. This then allows us to call db_looks_like_a_repository() to determine if the DB is a valid repo rather than duplicate the checks it already has in another nearby context. This is part of the apndvfs vs normal-case stuff done in prior commits, consolidating the notion of "valid" to a single spot in the code. check-in: 69145d9d99 user: wyoung tags: trunk
Resolve the bug revealed in [forum:16880a28aad1a868 | forum post 16880a28aad1a868] in which the db_open() appendvfs check can misinteract with g.nameOfExe. This is in a branch until a Windows user can confirm that the g.nameOfExe change in main.c behaves as desired on Windows. This was a collaborative bug fix via /chat, not my own. Edit: test success on Windows reported by Martin G. check-in: ec02acfd09 user: stephan tags: nameofexe-appendvfs-check
Since checkin [d8c32ebdff], file_fullexename() function is supported windows, remove comment saying otherwize. (no code change) check-in: 491b986d0d user: mgagnon tags: trunk
Simplified an overly-clever test for a file size being an even multiple of 512 bytes. Compiler Explorer says GCC 11 generates the same code both ways, at least, and it isn't in a CPU-critical code path anyway. Also added a comment referring to this new, simplified code, to prevent a recurrence of the problem fixed by the prior commit. check-in: c67d54010d user: wyoung tags: trunk
Reverted a check for the repository size being an even multiple of 512 bytes as a test for validity. Introduced in [/info/bd7f2727ba25912e | an omnibus commit] for obscure reasons, it causes some valid clone operations to fail, as originally reported [forum:/forumpost/16880a28aad1a868 | on the forum]. check-in: 4a2d0e7878 user: wyoung tags: trunk
/md_rules: replaced 'complex' with 'more', per /chat discussion. check-in: 369d7d1a20 user: stephan tags: trunk
Removed ENABLE_JSON1 flag from tools/sqlcompattest.c because that flag is no longer in sqlite3 as of 3.38, which is the current minimum required version. Reported in [forum:549da79dd9 | forum post 549da79dd9]. check-in: 8af827342f user: stephan tags: trunk
01:36 clarified that globs apply to the whole dir/filename combination without any awareness/special treatment of the directory part, as suggested in [forum:6637b92a6a17a6bc | forum post 6637b92a6a17a6bc]. check-in: d862cb71d6 user: stephan tags: trunk
Increase the version number to 2.19 to begin the next development cycle. check-in: 8f0a7ace0c user: drh tags: trunk
Update the version number on the homepage. check-in: 93768c1b67 user: drh tags: trunk
Spelling corrections caught by Debian's automated tools, thanks to Barak A. Pearlmutter. check-in: 9993c43b5c user: danshearer tags: trunk
Version 2.18 check-in: 84f25d7eb1 user: drh tags: trunk, release, version-2.18
The --share-links option seems to be causing no end of confusion. So we'll just make it undocumented and perhaps remove it or document it properly later. check-in: 0a91005e35 user: drh tags: trunk
Include the '<html>' rule in the Miscellaneous section of [/md_rules]. check-in: f0fa7f21f8 user: drh tags: trunk
Improvements to the change log for 2.18. Fix the document so that it correctly shows the scope of REQUEST_URI. check-in: d0491fd0b4 user: drh tags: trunk
Count overnesting as the fourth type of the footnote-related issues and report accordingly. Leaf check-in: ae297bb671 user: george tags: markdown-footnotes
Minor refactoring. Move the definition of <code>BLOB_APPEND_LITERAL()</code> macro from <code>markdown_html.c</code> to <code>blob.c</code> so that it could be used outside of <code>markdown_html.c</code>. Also rename it to lowercase for consistency with other API. Within <code>markdown.c</code> use that newly available macro instead of <code>blob_append_string()</code>. Within <code>markdown_html.c</code> use it for footnotes-relevant code. Other invocations of <code>BLOB_APPEND_LITERAL()</code> within <code>markdown_html.c</code> are left intact (they use an alias) in order to simplify the potential merge with the trunk. check-in: c8a8d0c94c user: george tags: markdown-footnotes
Minor refactoring. Move the definition of <code>BLOB_APPEND_BLOB()</code> macro from <code>markdown_html.c</code> to <code>blob.c</code> so that it could be used outside of <code>markdown_html.c</code>. Also rename it to <code>blob_appendb()</code> for consistency with <code>blob_appendf()</code> and other API. Within <code>markdown.c</code> use that newly available macro where appropriate. Within <code>markdown_html.c</code> use it for footnotes-relevant code. Other invocations of <code>BLOB_APPEND_BLOB()</code> within <code>markdown_html.c</code> are left intact (they use an alias) in order to simplify the potential merge with the trunk. check-in: 33a681ebee user: george tags: markdown-footnotes
Fix handling of user-provided classes for unreferenced, joined and overnested footnotes. In all these cases the tokens of user-provided classes are rendered as plain-text and no special classes are added anywhere. check-in: 875472a8b0 user: george tags: markdown-footnotes
Improved organization and grouping of the change list for version 2.18. check-in: 1841ce6747 user: drh tags: trunk
Adjustments to the "/md_rules" page, suggested on the SQLite forum: <> check-in: c5e4c8b63a user: drh tags: trunk
Update the built-in SQLite to version 3.38.0 final. check-in: c55e0f6ca3 user: drh tags: trunk
docs: a typo fix and an updated date reference. check-in: 841c78d2cd user: stephan tags: trunk
20:44 changed 'billions' to 'millions', per /chat discussion. check-in: d4f3babea9 user: stephan tags: trunk
Per chat discussion and [forum:fd49a822db5bc522 | forum post fd49a822db5bc522], removed PellesC build from makemake.tcl and the corresponding makefile. check-in: fcb33239b5 user: stephan tags: trunk
Add a comment for <code>append_footnote_upc()</code>. Also substitute a variable of zero value with just "0" constant. No functional changes. check-in: ae8a3dd5aa user: george tags: markdown-footnotes
Impose a limit on the depth of nesting of inline footnotes. Also add a few test cases: for depth limiting and HTML hijacking. check-in: f4ff013ace user: george tags: markdown-footnotes
If there are issues with footnotes then set TH1 variable <var>$footnotes_issues_counters</var> to a space separated list of integers that count for "misref", "unref" and "joins". This eliminates the need for JavaScript for the case when a custom skin wants to [forum:/forumpost/119b0be29a2b096b|warn about issues with footnotes] in the header of a page.<br> Also fix counting of "joins": count the number of unique labels that have multiple definitions (and not the number of such definitions). check-in: 773cef5cf7 user: george tags: markdown-footnotes
Fix typo in the output of "fossil help -o". check-in: 5b4a729b71 user: drh tags: trunk
Adjust padding in /chat CSS to eliminate an unsightly dead zone between the chat area scrollbar and the right side of the page, as reported in /chat. check-in: 46ec28aca9 user: stephan tags: trunk
Fix hyperlinks on the [/help?cmd=/winfo|/winfo] page. These were broken when a page was accessed through [/help?cmd=/info|/info/HASH] or <code>/winfo/HASH</code> aliases. check-in: 356a4845b3 user: george tags: trunk
Parse inline footnotes even if a renderer does not define a callback for rendering of footnote markers. This seems more correct even though the current implementation of backlink processor does define such callback as an empty function. check-in: e06c12d176 user: george tags: markdown-footnotes
Handle some corner cases more thoroughly: dismiss empty footnotes, passthrough (more carefully) user-provided classlist if the token is not followed by a blank character or if a footnote's text consists just of such token and blank characters. Also simplify a little bit a few places inside of <code>is_footnote()</code> function. check-in: fe3157803f user: george tags: markdown-footnotes
Do not try to uncompress generic HTTP content when the NOCOMPRESS flag is set. check-in: 66ef906118 user: drh tags: trunk
Rename the "fossil chat backup" command to "fossil chat pull". check-in: 8ee8f03a77 user: drh tags: trunk
For "fossil chat backup", when transfering content from the transfer table into the repository, be explicit about column names, as the column names might be in a different order. check-in: e983a7dc93 user: drh tags: trunk
Add the "fossil chat backup" command and the "/chat-backup" webpage to support it. check-in: 1827a31487 user: drh tags: trunk
Improved diff alignment following an indentation change. The objective of this change is to improve the diff output for of the [a36dd09d17f3057f] check-in. check-in: 868d160838 user: drh tags: trunk
Fix a minor comment typo. check-in: e2aed163ac user: drh tags: trunk
Add <code>--lint-footnotes</code> option to the <code>test-markdown-render</code> command. If this flag is given and footnotes in the input have issues, then print to <var>stderr</var> the counters of "misrefs", "strays" and "split-defs" and exit with error. This should partially address a concern [forum:/forumpost/119b0be29a2b096b|raised at the forum]. check-in: 1f525713ff user: george tags: markdown-footnotes
If a footnote's text starts with a token of the special form then use this token to derive a set of CSS classes that are added to that footnote and its references. This enables users to style elements of a particular footnote provided that the administrator provisioned and documented some special CSS classes in a custum skin. Default skin does not provide any of such special classes which makes this feature an "opt-in". check-in: 92516ced8b user: george tags: markdown-footnotes
Fix a typo in the help for the "fossil remote" command. check-in: 7ea1b380ea user: drh tags: trunk
'update' shows the commit date for the updated-from version, for consistency." check-in: 971dd2364d user: danield tags: trunk
'update' now lists the updated-from version, per off-list user request, the intent being to simplify access to the version for purposes of running a diff after seeing updates arrive. check-in: 07ed3fedfa user: stephan tags: trunk
Clean-up and rephrase some comments. check-in: a62c876896 user: george tags: markdown-footnotes
Make parsing slightly faster and fix a comment. No changes in functionality. check-in: a36dd09d17 user: george tags: markdown-footnotes
Include <code>REQUEST_URI</code> into footnotes' hyperlinks. This should make links work even if base href (in a page's header) is not consistent with the <code>REQUEST_URI</code>. If <code>FOOTNOTES_WITHOUT_URI</code> macro is defined while compiling <code>src/markdown_html.c</code> then bare "#fragment" hyperlinks (without <code>REQUEST_URI</code>) are generated. check-in: 2c1f8f3592 user: george tags: markdown-footnotes
Mention the REQUEST_URI fix in the change log. check-in: ced2850813 user: drh tags: trunk
Update the built-in SQLite to the latest 3.38.0 beta. check-in: abd90eb5a8 user: drh tags: trunk
Return a 404-Not Found error on any attempt to access a "draft" skin that is not defined. check-in: de320cc33e user: drh tags: trunk
FIXME-comments in the code did not indicate issues and are now rephrased to be mere reminders. Leaf check-in: d253ece08a user: george tags: base-href-fix
Do not override base href for wiki pages. This needs testing. check-in: 89dd34519f user: george tags: base-href-fix
When setting <var>$webpagename</var> pass the value of <var>g.zPath</var> though <code>escape_quotes()</code>. This is unclear how <var>g.zPath</var> can contain quotes but let this strange case be handled in a safe way. check-in: 288fe34ced user: george tags: base-href-fix
Move <code><meta charset="UTF-8"></code> to the begining of the default header. Supply BODY element with a class that derives from <var>$webpagename</var>. check-in: 6d135904ad user: george tags: base-href-fix
Minor code refactoring: rename a temporary variable and utilize <code>matching_bracket_offset()</code> one more time. No changes in functionality. check-in: 5b845a0790 user: george tags: markdown-footnotes
Do not export <var>g.zRelReqURI</var> to TH1 interpreter because <code>getParameter</code> proc can retrieve <code>PATH_INFO</code> and <code>QUERY_STRING</code>. Instead export <var>g.zPath</var> (as <var>$webpagename</var>) since that is typically needed in the TH1 headers/footers of custom skins. check-in: ff4c7ed609 user: george tags: base-href-fix
Make <code>style_set_base_href_suffix()</code> safe for misuse: if the resulting suffix contains unescaped quotes then escape them. <var>$base_href_suffix</var> is intended for interpolation inside of the quoted href attribute. This check-in should address the case when a user of malfunctioning browser (which mishandles quoting) is tricked by an adversary to visit a specially crafted hyperlink. check-in: d97752f30b user: george tags: base-href-fix
Fix parsing of "free-standing" footnotes that was (slightly) broken by the previous check-in. check-in: 23c3e0b2a7 user: george tags: markdown-footnotes
Back out check-in [5bb921dd0893a548] which was wrong - the REQUEST_URI CGI parameter should include the query string. Improve the CGI variable documentation in comments. Improve robustness to malformed CGI variables. check-in: e514eeea8f user: drh tags: trunk
Improved robustness in CGI variable parsing. Leaf check-in: b897350007 user: drh tags: cgi-compliance
Rename variable <var>g.zUrlSuffix</var> to <var>g.zRelReqURI</var> (Relative Request URI). Provide it to TH1 interpreter as <var>$relrequri</var>. check-in: 05e3fa76be user: george tags: base-href-fix
Fix hyperlinks on the [/help?cmd=/winfo|/winfo] page. These were broken when a page was rendered through [/help?cmd=/info|/info/HASH] of <code>/winfo/HASH</code> aliases. check-in: 5ce372ce48 user: george tags: base-href-fix
Cherry-pick from branch 'cgi-compliance' (and thus back out [5bb921dd0893a548]). Adapt the computation of g.zUrlSuffix in <code>set_base_url()</code> accordingly. check-in: 5c649c7e0f user: george tags: base-href-fix
Back out [5bb921dd0893a548]. It turns out that REQUEST_URI should have the query string appended. Make other changes to cgi.c to bring it into "compliance". "Compliance" is in quotes because rfc3875 does not define REQUEST_URI. That variable is really just by conveniention. But Apache and Nginx both append the query string, so we should too. check-in: fd1c9b090a user: drh tags: cgi-compliance
Add an overlooked call to <code>style_set_base_href_suffix()</code> in src/info.c and add a comment of why not to do so for [/help?cmd=/ext|/ext] check-in: 87fba73120 user: george tags: base-href-fix
Update the defense-against-robots documentation to align with current behavior. check-in: c9082b2971 user: drh tags: trunk
If markup is ambigous between a "span-bounded" footnote and a "free-standing" footnote followed by another footnote then interpret as the later case. check-in: b363a4dbe7 user: george tags: markdown-footnotes
Enhancement to robot defense. The auto-hyperlink setting can now be 2 (UserAgent only) in which case the UserAgent string is consulted and hyperlinks are generated if and only if the UserAgent looks human. Javascript does not come into play. When auto-hyperlink is 1, the traditional Javascript changes to href= in anchor tags are still used. check-in: df337eb61c user: drh tags: trunk
An attepmt to fix the [|<code><base href="..."></code>] element of webpages so that the value of <var>href</var> attribute matches the URL being served. This should fix "#fragment" hyperlinks on all pages where these were broken (all except [/help?cmd=/doc|<code>/doc</code>]). The values for [/help?cmd=/wiki|<code>/wiki</code>] and [/help?cmd=/info|<code>/info</code>] were left unchanged (it's yet unclear if they should also be changed). check-in: 03b39f1d00 user: george tags: base-href-fix
Do not require mouse events for auto-hyperlink if the UserAgent string includes "Android". Describe the Safari visited/unvisited link limitation on the auto-hyperlink setting. check-in: cef15ed3d3 user: drh tags: trunk
New javascript for href.js such that any mousemove or mousedown event at any time is sufficient to trigger the mouse activity condition for activation of hyperlinks. This works better on FF and chrome, but with safari, the visited/unvisited link color is determined by the initial value of href= and is not adjusted when href= changes, so visited/unvisited colors are not being updated on safari. check-in: e7d67b7640 user: drh tags: trunk
Modify the /honeypot to explain the situation to human readers who might accidentally reach it, and offer them a links to the login page to prove their humanness. check-in: 533c2c7144 user: drh tags: trunk
Robot defense uses a mousedown event rather than mouse motion as one of the signals that the request is from a human. This should make robot defense work better for users on mobile. check-in: 8d4e11432d user: drh tags: trunk
The REQUEST_URI CGI parameter should not include the QUERY_STRING. check-in: 5bb921dd08 user: drh tags: trunk
Improvements to the /admin_sql page. check-in: 6325f81d06 user: drh tags: trunk
Better hyperlinks on the security-audit warning about the server load average setting. check-in: e5c0543760 user: drh tags: trunk
Enhance security audit to warn about giving hyperlink privilege to user nobody. check-in: 5999d2446b user: drh tags: trunk
Fix mis-coded HTML on the /setup_access page. check-in: ecab8f430f user: drh tags: trunk
Fix parsing of a multiline definition of labeled footnote for the case when lines end with CR+LF. check-in: ea66d15cf3 user: george tags: markdown-footnotes
Fix a warning for unused variable 'p' introduced by [487e465263fd21] check-in: 8895d938e2 user: george tags: trunk
Clean-up and polish relevant CSS and HTML's class names. Insure visual spacing between footnotes' markers so that numbers are distinguishable when multiple footnotes in a row are used. Factor out auxiliary decorations from HTML into the default CSS, to enable customization via skins. check-in: 2b1375abad user: george tags: markdown-footnotes
Fix the "fossil remote add NAME URL" command so that it accepts aliases for URL. check-in: c301e29389 user: drh tags: trunk
Update the built-in SQLite to the latest 3.38.0 beta that includes the performance enhancements on the datetime() function. check-in: 740d655e55 user: drh tags: trunk
Merge from trunk Leaf check-in: 2b5f9b211c user: george tags: search-terms-highlighting
Merge from trunk Leaf check-in: a961a67ba7 user: george tags: rptview-submenu-paralink
Merge from trunk Leaf check-in: 88ff4e5dea user: george tags: wcontent-subsets
Merge from trunk Leaf check-in: 9b76469b38 user: george tags: th1-doc-vars
Remove unused local variable from cgi_parse_POST_JSON() to fix a compiler warning. check-in: 96bf76a4b1 user: george tags: trunk
Handle unreferenced footnotes. If a labeled footnote is defined but there are no references to it, then add a special item at the end of footnotes. This item includes a label and the text of the strayed footnote - both rendered verbatim via <tt>html_escape()</tt>. Default skin makes such items visible and easily distinguishable. The order of such items match the order in the underlying source code. check-in: ada55cd45a user: george tags: markdown-footnotes
Cherrypicked [92221aaa192e82] and [7283ae6e120c10] on behalf of George. check-in: f902814db6 user: stephan tags: trunk
Join duplicated footnotes slightly faster. Fix a comment about auxiliary <tt>cmp_footnote_id()</tt> function. check-in: 7f6a641808 user: george tags: markdown-footnotes
Fix a misuse of an unsigned integer in the <tt>blobReallocMalloc()</tt> which can lead to redundant memory reallocations. check-in: 92221aaa19 user: george tags: markdown-footnotes
Fix a bug in the <tt>blob_reserve()</tt> function that was introduced by [1243bf39996b8a]. The <i>current</i> mainline is not affected because this function is not used anywhere. However it was causing memory corruption on the 'markdown-footnotes' branch since it was employed in [544df852b2d9a1]. check-in: 7283ae6e12 user: george tags: markdown-footnotes
Display build/patch number for the MSVC compiler. check-in: 487e465263 user: danield tags: trunk