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Merge trunk Leaf check-in: b14b0f2e56 user: milouse tags: repolist-theme
Use a CTE instead of querying the database in a loop when finding the start of a branch. This can bring significant speedup on some machines. Leaf check-in: c7749bb0a3 user: danield tags: start-of-branch-cte
Update the built-in SQLite to the latest trunk version that includes various performance enhancements. The purpose here is to test the recent SQLite enhancements in a real-world application. Leaf check-in: ad744440dc user: drh tags: trunk
Ensure that db_open()'s db-is-an-appendvfs-binary check uses canonicalized filenames to avoid the problem reported in [forum:16880a28aad1a868 | forum post 16880a28aad1a868]. check-in: ab7ad2348c user: stephan tags: trunk
Allow optional "-" characters in the huge string argument to bid= on /timeline so that when the hyperlink will have wrap opportunities when pasted into the chat. check-in: adfc1a6b60 user: drh tags: trunk
Fix an unused var warning in windows Closed-Leaf check-in: 169a3dabcf user: mgagnon tags: nameofexe-appendvfs-check
Calling db_open() to determine if a given repository is valid rather than a hand-rolled sqlite3_open() call. This then allows us to call db_looks_like_a_repository() to determine if the DB is a valid repo rather than duplicate the checks it already has in another nearby context. This is part of the apndvfs vs normal-case stuff done in prior commits, consolidating the notion of "valid" to a single spot in the code. check-in: 69145d9d99 user: wyoung tags: trunk
Resolve the bug revealed in [forum:16880a28aad1a868 | forum post 16880a28aad1a868] in which the db_open() appendvfs check can misinteract with g.nameOfExe. This is in a branch until a Windows user can confirm that the g.nameOfExe change in main.c behaves as desired on Windows. This was a collaborative bug fix via /chat, not my own. Edit: test success on Windows reported by Martin G. check-in: ec02acfd09 user: stephan tags: nameofexe-appendvfs-check
Since checkin [d8c32ebdff], file_fullexename() function is supported windows, remove comment saying otherwize. (no code change) check-in: 491b986d0d user: mgagnon tags: trunk
Simplified an overly-clever test for a file size being an even multiple of 512 bytes. Compiler Explorer says GCC 11 generates the same code both ways, at least, and it isn't in a CPU-critical code path anyway. Also added a comment referring to this new, simplified code, to prevent a recurrence of the problem fixed by the prior commit. check-in: c67d54010d user: wyoung tags: trunk
Reverted a check for the repository size being an even multiple of 512 bytes as a test for validity. Introduced in [/info/bd7f2727ba25912e | an omnibus commit] for obscure reasons, it causes some valid clone operations to fail, as originally reported [forum:/forumpost/16880a28aad1a868 | on the forum]. check-in: 4a2d0e7878 user: wyoung tags: trunk
/md_rules: replaced 'complex' with 'more', per /chat discussion. check-in: 369d7d1a20 user: stephan tags: trunk
Removed ENABLE_JSON1 flag from tools/sqlcompattest.c because that flag is no longer in sqlite3 as of 3.38, which is the current minimum required version. Reported in [forum:549da79dd9 | forum post 549da79dd9]. check-in: 8af827342f user: stephan tags: trunk
01:36 clarified that globs apply to the whole dir/filename combination without any awareness/special treatment of the directory part, as suggested in [forum:6637b92a6a17a6bc | forum post 6637b92a6a17a6bc]. check-in: d862cb71d6 user: stephan tags: trunk
Increase the version number to 2.19 to begin the next development cycle. check-in: 8f0a7ace0c user: drh tags: trunk
Update the version number on the homepage. check-in: 93768c1b67 user: drh tags: trunk
Spelling corrections caught by Debian's automated tools, thanks to Barak A. Pearlmutter. check-in: 9993c43b5c user: danshearer tags: trunk
Version 2.18 check-in: 84f25d7eb1 user: drh tags: trunk, release, version-2.18