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13 check-ins occurring on or before dc81ac706b186ab6.

This checkin does a cherrypick merge off of another checkin that already has a prior full merge. The purpose of this checkin is to provide a test case for the cherrypick graph drawing logic. The code in this checkin is not intended to actually be used for anything. Leaf check-in: dc81ac706b user: drh tags: graph-test-branch
In /timeline, the cherrypicks query parameter puts the graph into "disjoint" mode, which displays much better for the data it is presenting. check-in: 35e892b4f3 user: drh tags: trunk
Improvements to /timeline generation of cherrypick merges. Cherrypicks are now shown with the f= query parameter. Add the cherrypicks query parameter to /timeline. Add test cases to the page. check-in: ee64832f7e user: drh tags: trunk
Much faster rendering of branch timelines. check-in: fe40b652fe user: drh tags: trunk
General enhancements to the "amend", "tag", and "reparent" command, including adding flags like --override-date, --override-user, and --dry-run. check-in: 5c9955710f user: drh tags: trunk
Updates to the /brtimeline and /tagtimeline pages. check-in: efb903f939 user: drh tags: trunk
Fix an issue with the subscriber feature. check-in: 140ed0f25b user: drh tags: trunk
Fix non-C89 variable declarations. check-in: 33f1c74122 user: drh tags: trunk
Fix a problem in which normal merge arrows were often drawn as normal merge arrows. check-in: 8b3e3e007e user: drh tags: trunk
Attempt to draw the entire length of a cherrypick merge line using a dashed line. check-in: 236586d6f2 user: drh tags: trunk
Show cherrypick merges on the default timeline. Disable the display of cherrypicks using the "ncp" query parameter. Currently, the only display difference between a normal merge and a cherrypick merges is in the final horizontal segment of the merge line as it moves into the child node. More work is needed on the display logic. check-in: 55ab522cee user: drh tags: trunk
Omit unused elements of the "rowinfo" JSON element used to generate a timeline graph. check-in: c0a5083eda user: drh tags: trunk
Draw arrows for cherrypick merges on the context graph. There is still no distinction between normal and cherrypick merges, though. Both arrows look alike. check-in: a07f168881 user: drh tags: trunk