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Yet another PHP framework, but made for org-mode and geeks.

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Logo: I'm a unicorn too!

Narv is a python3 tiny application server, which aims is mainly to host Org-Mode based websites.

It is a complete rewriting of my previous attempt, written in PHP.

Get involved

The code is released under the terms of the WTFPL v2. Feel free to submit new tickets or bug reports or share proposals.


It is as simple as the following command: wget -O narv_install.sh http://projects.depar.is/0xGA/raw/narv_install.sh?name=604bfbadcc && bash narv_install.sh

It require the following commands to be present on your system:

  • base64
  • gzip
  • install
  • wget

After having run the install script, all the necessary files have been put in the new folder narvroot in the current directory. You can move it to where you want, rename it, etc. We assume in the following lines that, after having chosen a destination for it, you've done a cd destination/narvroot

Create a first app

By entering the command ./usr/bin/narv create <appname> where appname will be use to create necessary files and folders.

The previous command create a stub app in ./usr/bin/.py you may want to hack.

Use it

Enter the command ./usr/bin/narv start <appname>

That's all.

Note for myself or other people using the Hiawatha Webserver, here is an example of reverse proxy config to access your narv application without abandonning all your other applications.

VirtualHost {
    Hostname = etienne.loc
    AllowDotFiles = yes
    WebsiteRoot = /dev/null
    ReverseProxy .* http://localhost:8000 15
    PreventXSS = yes